Y!KES Review - July 2019

Y!KES, rock'n'roll ain't dead!

We heard it, read it, said it out loud, with a glimpse of sadness and melancholy for the good old days: Rock'n'Roll is dead.

Distorted guitars, once considered the spice to add to any good song, are now replaced by computers and electronic sounds, easily made and reproducible.

But here's some good news for you, nostalgic rock fan: rock'n'roll ain't dead at all!

The self-described "cacophonous four-piece" from Birmingham is bringing alternative rock back to its glory days with energy-infused fresh tracks.

Abrasive vocals, gritty distorted guitars, groovy bass lines, and pounding drums are the main ingredients of this talented, bold band.

Y!KES is a brand new project carried out by singer and producer Joby Fitzgerald, guitarist Liam Howard, drummer TJ Weston, and bassist Matt Ford. It explores alternative rock sounds that span from the raspiness of grunge to the lightness of pop-rock, keeping constant attention to important themes.

"Shadow Gallery", the latest single by Y!KES, released just a few days ago, deals with the issue of dementia, as shown in the touching video directed by Jason Waterz. "The Y Factor", released in April, it's an ironic shout out to popular talent shows. "Uncanny Valley" deals with isolation, loneliness, and stigmatization, while "Visceral" tells a tale of love and acceptance in a problematic relationship.

Y!KES merge sharp lyricism with a gritty sound echoing the great alternative bands emerged in the '90s or early '00s, such as Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys.

Their attention to details, both in the production of their music and their videos, with recurring characters and topics through a diversity of styles, shows a cleverness that goes beyond a pure musical talent (which is not lacking, anyway). For this reason, we are not surprised at the outstanding response the band had from the public, only seven months after it formed.

With one more single on schedule for this year, Y!KES are soon going to gag us with a new tune. Based on the diversity of their previous releases, there is no way we can predict how the new song will sound. However, we can bet it will be another success for the "cacophonous four-piece" from Birmingham that is infusing new life to British rock'n'roll.

Website: www.yikesyikesyikes.com